What is a Bail Bond

The bail bond system is designed to allow individuals who have been charged with a crime to continue to work, provide for their families, and simply enjoy life while the court deals with the case.

A bail bond is a formal agreement between you, the individual who has been charged with a crime, and the bail bond agency. In exchange for you paying us 12% of the amount you need to secure your release from jail, we pay the other 90%. Once the case is resolved, the court returns all of the money to us. The second part of the agreement is that you will adhere to all the conditions the court has attached to your release, which includes making all your court dates and not committing any crimes.

Why Choose Livingston Parish Bail Bonds

Not all bail bonds businesses are created equally. Some businesses have a one size fits all approach to bail bonds. We don’t. We understand that every single person who contacts us is unique, which is why we have done everything in our power to keep our bail bonds program as flexible as possible.

Livingston Parish Bail Bonds is a family owned business that has been dedicated to treating each person who contacts us with a high level of respect and understanding.

Free Bail Bond Consultation

If you or someone you know needs of bail, we strongly urge you to contact us for a free bail bonds consultation. The consultation serves two purposes. First, it provides you with an opportunity to fully understand how the bail bond process works and the role we play. Second, it provides us with a chance to get to know you. The information shared during the consultation allows us to create a flexible payment system that makes you and us happy.

Free bail consultations can be done over the phone or via an online chat. Our bail experts are available 24/7 to answer all your questions.

Here at Livingston Parish Bail Bonds, we provide a wide array of services that are designed to make your life easier. These services include:

  • 24/7 Bail bond service
  • Affordable Bail Bonds
  • Phone approvals
  • 0% Interest payment plans
  • No hidden fees
  • Se habla Español

When you find yourself in need of bail, you want to deal with an organization that is concerned about your well-being and that will treat you with the respect you deserve. That’s exactly what you’ll get from Livingston Parish Bail Bonds.

Have questions. Get the answers by calling 985-570-1111 or clicking the Chat With Us link.