covington bail bonds Life isn’t easy for black cats. The fact that they often don’t photograph well combined with all the poor unlucky mythology surrounding them increases the odds of a black cat spending its entire life in a shelter.People who have a black cat that they love get especially nervous around Halloween. The fear is that someone will spot the cat, capture it, and use it as some macabre Halloween decoration.The good news is that there are many things you can do to help keep your black cat safe this Halloween.The best way to make sure your cat stays safe this Halloween is to dedicate yourself to making sure that they are strictly an indoor cat. Keeping them inside not only keeps them safe during Halloween, but studies prove that indoor cats live significantly longer than outdoor/indoor cats. With enough stimulation, your black cat will love staying indoors full time.By keeping your black cat inside, you protect them from:
    • Getting into fights with stray, feral cats
    • No longer have to worry about being struck and hurt/killed by a car
    • Protect them from getting into pesticides, insecticides, and other outdoor toxins
    • They won’t run across anyone who is intent on harming any cat they see
    • Protect them from catching diseases that are prevalent in feral cat colonies.
    • Keeping your cat indoors is just one of the things you can do to protect them on Halloween.