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Hit & Runs

We like knowing what will happen from moment to moment. We enjoy thinking that we’re in control of our lives and that the only bad things that happen to us are in our control. However, this is a false belief. Bad things happen all the time and they are usually out of our control. Random acts of violence happen every day, leaving the rest of us confused as to why.

Hit and runs seem to be an increasing epidemic. According to Louisiana Vehicle Code, anyone involved in a collision that damages property must stop at the closest location that doesn’t interfere with safety or traffic. Not only can a hit and run include people, but it can also include property. When someone hits something with their vehicle, they have to stop and take responsibility for the accident, or else they are breaking the law.

Did you know that when you back into someone’s car while they are not around, and fail to leave contact information, it is classified as a hit and run? According to Louisiana Vehicle Code Law, you are required to leave your information for the owner of the property that you damaged. Even if you didn’t hit their car, but hit their fence or lawn gnome, you need to leave information. This includes hitting a dog or cat in the middle of the road. You are legally obligated by the state of Louisiana to contact the owner. If not, you can be subject to fines, and up to six years in prison. If you can’t figure out who the owner is of the damaged property, then the next step would be to notify the police of the accident.

You may think its common sense to leave your information. However, it is fairly common for people to just drive away from the accident. Even if you didn’t cause the accident, and you drive away you may be charged with a hit and run. You are required by law to stay at the scene of the accident until it has all been taken care of. Hit and run crimes can range from a misdemeanor to manslaughter depending on the accident itself. They can take what would have been a small charge, and turn it into something much worse.

Hit and runs can be devastating to all members involved. It’s an event that most people don’t have control over. Things happen, and sometimes we just want to flee the scene of the crime. However, you should never do that because you can be saddled with a huge fine or some points on your driving record. If you caused an accident, don’t be afraid to own up to your mistakes. Make it easier on all members involved, and just stop.