People often ask; “Is there an easy way to bail my friend out of jail?” The answer is YES! There is an easy way to bail loved ones out of jail, using Covington Bail Bonds to bail them out. Covington Bail Bonds have over 25 years of experience in making bail easy for clients. The professional bail agents at Covington are trained and retrained every year so they are always up to date with all bail bonds laws.

Searching through county and state websites in an attempt to find someone’s information can be difficult and hard to figure out. Instead, call Covington Bail Bonds at 985-570-1111 and a bail agent will find the necessary information. This enables the client to start notifying family members and friends.

Simply give Covington Bail Bonds’ bail agents the name of the person and the county they are locked up in. Trained bondsmen will search through the database to find them for their clients.

This service, as well as all consultations with Covington Bail Bonds, is free!

After the bail amount is known Covington Bail Bonds’ bail agents can work with their clients to set up a customized payment plan that works with the client’s budget. Covington Bail Bonds won’t surprise its clients with hidden fees like other, deceitful bail agencies will.

All of this can be done over the phone. Clients don’t have to meet with a bail agent until after a price has been agreed upon. Once the client decides to meet, they can drive to one of Covington Bail Bonds’ local offices or one of their bail agents will drive to meet the client. Covington Bail Bonds has over 37 bail agents serving in counties all over Louisiana. There is always a bail agent close by to help.

Covington Bail Bonds believes in honesty and integrity. The bail bondsmen at Covington Bail Bonds feel that their clients should be able to rely on the agents during their difficult time.

When bailing with Covington Bail Bonds, an experienced bail bondsman will be with the client every step of the way to answer any questions they have and to walk the defendant out of jail 985-570-1111.